A Short Story about a Room

A short story about a room (2014)

Video, 13'39" (color, with sound)


The video tells the story of a room. In this room the traces of the existence of its occupants were safely stored. The room got empty recently.

One of the inhabitants tries to capture and reconstruct the moments that were spent in it.


However, this reconstruction starts creating the reverse effect during the process: the room loses the traces of time and space to which it was linked. It discovers a time and space that lies beyond the borders of the building and the image.


The movie talks about a room as a symbol of memory of our presence. It questions prigesses of storing memories, the borders of a space - of a real space but also of the space of an image. The movie explores the way our memory is influenced by photography.


The video was made during my Art Residency at Pushkinskaya-10, St Petersburg, Russia.



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