Attempts of Reconstruction

Attempts of Reconstruction (2011)

Installation with light boxes


"Attempts or Reconstruction" (2011) is based on a series of old photographs of my parents' house. The purpose of the original photographs was informative, but - through their poor quality - they remain in the family photo boxes. The work consists of the reconstruction of this underexposed photos and search for their changed meaning.


Filmed between 20/03-18/04/2010 in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium


‘Attempt of Reconstruction’ is based upon 3 photographs of my parental home found in a box of photos. The original images were intended to be included in the municipal archives of Oud-Turnhout, in the section ‘ruimtelijke ordening’.



Installation consisting of 30 light boxes

Dimensions per light box: 12 x 19 cm

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