Saving Time

Saving Time (2011 - 2012)


Saving Time (1) (2011)

Installation with projection of one scale model in a viewing box


‘Saving Time’ (2011) was born out of the idea to save future time. The aim of the work is to make this kind of time tangible. An utopian intention that is doomed to fail.


Black wooden viewing box

(70 x 80 x 200cm), Scale model of a room (25 x 25 x 40cm) in cupboard, projection with light and a lens.

Sound: voiceover of the text.

Saving Time (2) (2012)

In Situ installation with projections of scale models


This work was created for the project ‘VITRINE 2012’ (part of exhibition TURNHOUT 2012).

‘Saving Time (2)’ is a continuation of the earlier project ‘Saving Time’ (2011), but was adapted – in construction, image and concept – to the particular space of ‘VITRINE 2012’.


The work consists of multiple projections of scale models, each projected according to the principle of camera obscura. The images are projected on a construction of white panels. The voice over is similar to the one of ‘Saving Time’ (2011).


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