The Wavers

The Wavers (2011)

Series of videos, various durations (colour, no sound)

"The Waver, Han", video 33'57"

The video work shows a person who is waving in front of the camera throughout the entire length of the movie. The movie is showed in its full lenght.

The idea for this video work originated in photographic images of people waving. The action, frozen in the photograph, is brought back to life in the video. But again, the action of waving is encapsulated within the medium of video, continuing during the entire duration of the video.

When I asked the protagonist to perform in front of the camera, I told them that I liked to registrate the movement of waving. At the beginning of the recordings I told them I’ll give them a sign when the film is beginning and when it’s ending. I also asked them not to speak and to aim their eyes at the camera.

However, the signal to end their tiresom action is not given. The cheerful enthusiasm of the people on the photos when they aim themselves waving to the camera man stands in stark contrast to the expression of the waving person in ‘The Waver, Han”.

The work displays an acting character that is suddenly taken out of its role, after which an inner battle ensues in which the person in front of the camera suddenly senses that she has been lied to and is looking for ways to end the movie.

The video waves for attention. The look in the camera and the action of the waving seem focused on the visitor who feels spoken to. The viewer is confronted with a self-contained video work and feels left out of the film when it appears that the waving person is not waving to anyone but has closed herself out in her thoughts. The ‘looking’ is thereby not satisfying. Watching this video demands also from the spectator a lot of effort, because of the monotonousness of the movement and the self-contained character of the video.

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