Documents of a False Memory

Documents of a false memory (2013 - ...)






‘Documents of a False Memory’ is a philosophical, poetical and visual research that questions and challenges processes of our memory. The research derives from ideas or questions originating from different contexts: phrases from texts, conversations in movies, words, images, ….



The principal themes of this research are the border between fiction and reality; the function of the visual memory; space and time; space-time; intern versus extern; travelling; impressions of the past; construction; reconstruction; snowlines; unattainability; words; elusiveness; …


The research results in videos and video essays, video installations, in situ installations and texts. The pieces are searching for ways to include the spectator as fully as possible in these ‘constructed’ worlds to make him or her active part of the proposed ideas.



“The room seems to be floating in this immense sea of memories, which are drifting in unknown directions. There are more and more of them, building new layers, creating new images.


Snapshots of moments.

Fluid traces wandering in this vast emptiness.


In front of the room’s eyes, all these layers are making new images, creating new environments and moments.

It is like places out of dreams in which you travel through a crumpled maze of streets, lanes, and alleyways belonging to several places at once. As if you are in a city that does not exist on the map.”

(text ‘A Short Story about a Room’ (2014), video)





This project started in 2013 as part of my residency at NCCA,

Kronstadt (Russia).




Works created during this research:

- Sculpting Memory (2013, video)

- Untitled (2013, installation)

- A Short Story about a Room (2014, video)

- I want to give you a flower… (2015, video installation)

- The lake wasn’t there where it usually was (2015, in situ installation)

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