I want to give you a flower ...

I want to give you a flower ... (2015)

In Situ Installation, with video projections


‘I want to give you a flower...’ tells the story of one person who wants to give a flower to another person. In the story - which is audible in the installation - this one person travels to several places to find the other person.


In the installation, the spectator finds himself in a room, which he or she cannot escape. Glimpses of the world outside enter through the windows and the door. The spectator is unable to enter this outside world of the story that is told by the main character.



The installation talks about the unattainability, about one person who travels between space and time, between inside and outside and between fiction and reality.


The story in voice over leads the spectator through the installation and the world presented in it. The story is based upon a short tale told by a street child in Djibouti. At that time, this tale represented for me the difficulties of human interaction and the dual position of being an outsider.

The content of the story changed after the loss of my sister. The flower became the symbol of a typical, ritual act that is both naive and childish but also intensely meaningful. The story guides the spectator through a path of unattainability.


The installation in the pictures and movie was created for SEAS, Scharpoord Experimental Art Space; Knokke-Heist, Belgium in May 2015.



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