In Hindsight

In Hindsight (2013)

Research - Exhibition

In collaboration with Jill Vandorpe



‘I never saw this strange dwelling again. Indeed, as I see it now, the way it appeared to my child’s eye, it is not a building, but is quite dissolved and distributed inside me: here one room, there another, and here a bit of corridor which, however, does not connect the two rooms, but is conserved in me in fragmentary form. Thus the whole thing is scattered about inside me, the rooms, the stairs that descended with such ceremonious slowness, others, narrow cages that mounted in a spiral movement in the darkness of which we advanced like the blood in our veins.’ (R.M. Rilke)


‘A space you recognize yet the walls are not fixed and the light is not real. You may recognize something, something to hold on to, a small frame, a cross hanging from the wall or is it just a feeling, a feeling of having been there before. You try and look closer but it seems like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand.’ (Jill Vandorpe)


The exhibition ‘In Hindsight’ was created in collaboration with Jill Vandorpe. The viewer moves through meticulous, but fragmented decorated spaces.

Only small photographic remains or impressions of objects make us guess for the original memory, ‘hindsight’…



Presented in vzw de tweede helft, Turnhout, Belgium



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