Sculpting Memory

Sculpting Memory (2013)

Video, 14’35” (colour, with sound)


The video installation shows the research of how images leave imprints in our memory. The main question in the video is the possibility to create a false memory out of selected images and information. A process that can be described as ‘sculpting time'or 'sculpting memory’.


The false memory that I am creating is built on a selection of photographs. These randomly chosen pictures are imprinted in my memory by making daily, detailed drawings.

Can these images replace or predominate my natural memory of this environment? Does this process influence my look on this space? These questions play a central role in the video.


“In the end, it is an exercise to stick to images when they emerge. They still fade after a twenty-fourth of a second, the length of a film frame.” (excerpt from Chris Markers 'Sans Soleil')

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