The day a mountain disappeared

The day a mountain disappeared (2016)

Video installation and drawings

Video installation (7'18") with two voice overs that are audible simultaneously by seperate headphones.

Excerpts from the texts (voice: Tine Segers)


Person 1


Two people are walking in a mountain scenery. They walk next to each other. In silence.


This person scans the landscape. Her eyes stop at some interesting details. They try to focus on them and try to fully perceive their reality.



My gaze wanders over the landscape.

I see hills, the wavy lines of mountains, the misty sky and the ground covered with rocks and stones.

I see plants, grass, flowers and trees silently waving in the wind, their colours glistering in the first sunlight.


I listen to our steps.


Some time ago we walked home from the sea. I can still sense the atmosphere. The sun had almost completely sunk, but the air was still hot. We walked on the street, or in the sand next to it.

We talked. I remember the sadness I felt. I wanted to hug and hold you, but I didn’t.

It was a short walk. But I still remember.

Maybe it is because I tried so many times to relive this moment.





The more I walk, the more the moment gives the impression of being a projection on a vast cinema screen.


We once walked in this dreamlike landscape. Taking a lot of pictures. We had fun with it. We walked through fields. Passed by sheep, goats, and cows.

And there was this one tree. We had to capture its image on camera.

We talked about the things we saw.

We were just there. In the moment.

The sun was setting slowly.


I float away.


I look at what is left of the curved landscape.

I see no one.

We lost sight of each other.

The moment slips away.


Person 2


Two people are walking in a mountain scenery. They walk next to each other. In silence.


This person enjoys the first sunrays on her face. She is lost in thoughts.




The first sunrays.

I follow the path of a light ray through the sky. It touches the tops of the ground covered with stones. It mounts through the air. Some flickering tints, lightly evaporating in the first breeze. It touches the leaves of a tree. It mounts.

It touches some parts of the mountain flank, covering the rest in a dark shadow.

It mounts, but I stop looking.


I look at the road behind us. We already walked some distance.

A road you walk seems like a timeline.

The rhythm of the steps decides how fast or slow time passes.


I never thought we would be seeing so many flowers. It’s like a fairy-tale land. Even the colour of the grass looks brighter, more intense.





I imagined us here.

I manufactured a reality.

Much of it is true, or based on events that happened.

The combination and composition are false.


A representation of an event would never capture the complexity of the moment.

Only an imagined reality is capable of doing so.


The sound of our feet has faded a while ago.

As well as the scents.

Details are blurring.

I am only a spectator of my own imagination.

The lights of the spectacle are dimming.


A fade out.


Copyright © 2013. Marieke Van Wuytswinkel. All Rights Reserved