The lake wasn’t there where it usually was

The lake wasn’t there where it usually was (2015)


‘The lake wasn’t there where it usually was’ is a dynamic project, which develops in time. Due to new impressions, different presentation spaces and collaborations the outcome of the project will be affected.

Impression of the in situ installation at Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) Galery, Antwerp, June 2015.

"The magical realism of the narrative takes a spatial form in a poetic in-situ installation: a dream-like forest of white-painted birch twigs, which its wonderful play of light, reflection and the boundaries of inside and outside seems to go into a quasi -mirage balancing on the border between fiction and reality. " (H Art, 06/2015)


In situ installation


“I saw that there was no Nature; that Nature does not exist; 
that there are mountains, valleys, plains; that there are trees, flowers, grasses; that there are streams and stones; 
but that there’s not a whole to which this belongs. That a real and true ensemble
is a disease of our ideas. Nature is parts without a whole. This perhaps is that mystery they speak of.”

(Fernando Pessoa, Poemas de Alberto Caeiro)



‘The lake wasn’t there where it usually was…’ shows the apparent recreation of a moment. The installation consists of a story, a collage and an in situ installation. During the month that the installation is exhibited, it will be modified several times - like a memory that changes every time you try to recall it.


The installation questions the limits of our memory, the processes of saving and recalling memories and the line between fiction and reality.





I am surrounded by silence. Now and then, I hear the sound of my feet touching the sandy path. A cold breeze blows softly.


The winding roads, lines of trees, fences and panoramas lead to a lake.


I am listening to the silence.

I arrive at the end of the path. Between the leaves of the trees, the lake should be visible.


The lake is not there where it usually was.

I search for marks of the lake in the landscape.


I decide to walk back home. There is only a trace of the path left.



(Excerpt from the text, shown in the light box)


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